We're all used to identifying different professions through their clothing and it works really well - you'd never mistake a police officer for a judge. But how does this work in hospitals? There's always a lot going on and the only thing you want is to get an answer to a REALLY important question - but who do you ask? The nurse with the purple top or maybe the one on the other end wearing all blue? And after asking, all they can tell you is that they are not authorized to give you that information and so the whole process starts again. Being in a hospital is an exceptional circumstance for patients so our goal was to make it easier for them to easily recognize with whom they are talking at the moment and where they can go for specific information if needed. We also want to save employees the time of justifying themselves every time they are asked questions they are not authorized to give or have nothing to do with their field of work, so we invented "Who is who?". We chose a uniform colour code which consists of three primary colours and groups the hospital employees into three main groups: Doctors (white), Caregivers (blue) and Station care (yellow). We chose those colours after conducting a survey about colour associations in hospitals. Those colours will be visible on the tops of the employees with an additional symbol representing each of the three groups so people who are not able to see colour can also visually assign them. With the help of posters and brochures, spread troughout the whole hospital, people will be pointed out to this system. Those should hang and lie in every waiting room, patient room and all floors so they are not overseen and people always know who to ask. "Who is who?" aims to be a nation wide project, so every hospital in Austria has the same guidelines on clothing. This benefits employees and patients in the same way that they get this "dejà-vu" effect and don't feel completely lost when they e.g. move to a new city. This project was created in 2 days during the Hackathon 2020.


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Daniela Isabel Dottolo

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