About the game

Strike is a single player bullet hell game that throws you into a storm of bullets. Your goal is to dodge these bullets for as long as possible, while also defeating the enemy shooting at you. And do not get too comfortable as the speed of the projectiles will gradually increase, and you cannot regenerate your health.

Controls and how it works

Arrow Keys Left-Ctrl Left-Shift Space You control the movement of your character with the arrow keys on your keyboard. You can rapidly change directions as your character does not have any kind of inertia and will move with a constant speed. While you have 3 lives, you also have 3 shield charges. You can activate the shield by pressing the left-ctrl key on your keyboard, using up one charge and granting you a shield for 3 seconds, making you invulnerable to any incoming projectiles. You cannot regenerate shield charges. Holding down the left-shift key makes your character “crouch”. While crouching, your movement speed is removed and your hitbox (the effective size of your character for collision detection with the bullets) is halved. This makes it easier to perform precise movements and get through a dense wall of incoming bullets, though it can also hinder you in dodging condensed “rays” of bullets. Pressing the space key makes your character shoot a bullet in a straight line upwards. The number of projectiles you fire depends on your score and maxes out at 7 bullets per shot. You can hold down the key to continuously fire.

How do you acquire points?

While playing you get points for every bullet that doesn’t kill you and for every enemy you defeat. Your high-scores are shown after every round, so try your best to beat your friends! The higher the level, the more points you get for defeating the boss and the faster the bullets become.

Tips for beginners

The attack patterns of the enemy are random, but the attacks themselves are not. There are a limited number of attacks the enemy performs in a random sequence, which also deviate in their aim to a certain degree. Try to find out which attacks could be evaded through slow and precise movement (keyword crouching) and which require you to keep moving as fast as possible.

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