In this little top-down game you as a player are a cat. You're walking through a cold an dark world with sad humans all around you. Now your mission is to make all of them happy by cuddling them. How you do that?
Sneak up to their back andget as close as you can. If you're close enough the only thing left to do is to finish a quick time event to cuddle them. But every human has a cuddle stamina which means that their is mor than one hug needed for every human.

Seems easy, so where is the obstacle now?
When seeing a cat people tend to get closer and try to pet them. This is going to waste your time. So don't get into their view range or you have to free yourself again with a quick time event. Time will be measured so don't lose track of it.

So reach the goal, make people happy and spread love as fast as you can. Maybe your love spreading time will be a new highscore and an example for other kitties and love spreaders out there.



Anonyme Person