The latest remake of Final Fantasy 7 motivated me to visualize a character from this universe as a 3D character. Based on a great rather more "Fantasy ReDesign" concept by Alexandr Nikonov( I created a character that comes as close as possible to my personal style and hopefully also to the original concept. My main focus was to create a believable game ready character in low poly format.

I learned a lot about proper time management. All in all it took me about 1 week of work hours until the finalization of the game mockups. Even though I learned a lot about sculpting and texturing, I'm still dissatisfied with the low poly version. Working on such a big project like Barret showed me that I should concentrate more on the basics before going into detail too fast. Overall, I'm happy with the end result and thanks to a lot of feedback, it turned into a pretty decent character.

Character Selection - MockUp

Progress Renders