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FairDivision is a web application supposed to make it easier to assign topics with a certain capacity among students using an algorithm that is known to be fair for everyone.

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Role “STAFF” and “LBA”

– in the following text teachers

In the first place the roles of teachers must create their subjects - best case with a year so the assignments can be archived later. Having created the subjects, they can now start to create a voting.

The voting requires a title, (in the final version) a due date/time, options with capacities and of course the participants added via email. In the first place of course, you can start to draft your voting, so prepare the voting and edit it later.

Role “STUD”

– in the following text students or participants

After the voting is sent, every participant receives an email. In the email the participants are asked to join. If yet never accessed this site, the login offers the implementation of your OAuth server. After joining, participants can place votes and sort their favourite topics.

Next step are two scenarios. Either the students all finished their votes and the teacher processes the voting or the due time passed, the options will be assigned automatically random to students that didn’t vote and then the voting is being processed.



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