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Eskimo Revenge is a grid-based 2D Puzzle Game, created based on the MMP1 and with MonoGame.

To proceed, all enemies must be eliminated. To accomplish this difficult task the Eskimo has the special ability to make or melt ice blocks and let them fall or slide them towards the flames.

Controls: W A S D to walk through a level and when tapped to change the current selection, SPACE to place/destroy Blocks and ARROW KEYS/WASD to move in the menu, ENTER to press the selected button, and ESCAPE in-game to pause.

If it's valid to place ice the currently selected tile is green, otherwise, it's red. The behavior of the ice is very important for the game. The ice appears different when its placed on walls, it freezes there and doesn't fall. So when the enemy flame is on a tricky place, it could be difficult to move a free ice block to him. So that's the puzzle element in this game.

The levels start very easily and without an explicit tutorial to give the player the freedom to explore his abilities and game mechanics. The level design builds up slowly so the user discovers for example when he bumps into a single block of ice from the side, it slides until it encounters resistance. It's also possible to climb on a solid block.

SaveGame it's not available yet, but for now, I added a SKIP and RETRY button on the pause menu (ESC).

The levels were made with my own Level Editor. The Editor is accessible through pressing E in the Title Screen but for now not finished to let the user make playable levels.

The game is available in, so go and rack your brains!


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