Imagine you are in a restaurant and the menu has so many delicious dishes to choose from and you just can’t decide which one to pick. Or put yourself in the shoes of a young adult who is preparing for their final year at school and who has no clue what to do afterwards. Have you ever faced a particularly trying decision and you just needed a little assistance in solving your problem? Something that can help you decide, no matter where you are and no matter what subject area? Well then, the search is over. “Decide4Me” is exactly what you have been looking for! Decide4Me is a web application designed to help people make quick and rational decisions in any given situation. It is suitable for any device with access to internet, so that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you can use it. Decide4Me offers different techniques to encourage its users to make choices. First, there is the quiz. After entering in a question that has been troubling you and the possible answers for this question, you will be asked a series of simple, common knowledge questions, which you must answer. These questions are on a timer and keep getting faster. You will start to get stressed, your adrenaline will kick in and your instincts will take over. Eventually, you will be asked the question that you entered in. Your instincts will pick the right answer for you, the one that deep down you always wanted. If it is a quick solution to your problem that you are looking for, then the random answer generator is exactly what you need. Ask yourself a yes or no question then click to shake the ball. Fate will provide you with the right answer. Deep down you will know if you are satisfied with the answer and if not, feel free to shake again. When you have a more important decision to make, it helps to make a list of the pros and cons for each decision. With Decide4Me you can create digital pro and con lists, so that whenever and wherever you think of another important aspect, you can add it to your list. If you have had an experience in which you found a helpful way to make decisions, or if you are looking for advice yourself, then you can visit the experiences page. Anyone from around the world can share their own experiences and tips for everyone to see. Every function on Decide4Me works no matter if you have signed up or if you are using it as a guest. The extra advantages when you are signed in include the ability to save multiple pro and con lists and being able to access and edit them later. Users with accounts can also share their experiences and tips on making decisions with the world. The goal of this website isn’t so much to make your decisions for you, but rather to help you to decide on your own.