Project Tick Tank BOOM!

Tick Tank BOOM! is a local multiplayer combat game in which each player steers a tank.

Starting with nothing but your brand-new tank, players can only move or dash at first. Dash into opponents and kick them into quite deadly spikes or dash into boxes to collect missiles and shoot your way to victory.

Shoot opponents directly or make use of deflecting walls and obstacles.

The choice is yours!

Either way: simply eliminate your opponents!

A fast-paced 2D combat game in which each arena might surprise you with new features or kill you instantly if you make the wrong move!


Local multiplayer 2D top-down combat game for up to 4 players for Windows.

This game was developed in C++ in Unity using SFML and Tiled in the third Semester at FH Salzburg

The game

Each player spawns at a predefined starting position in the arena, only has one life and one goal: to be the last to survive the combat arena.

Dashing being the key mechanic enables players not only to destroy boxes and the like to collect missiles, but means great fun when you kick your opponents into deadly objects.

Players will try to shoot opponents and make use of deflecting walls and obstacles. To avoid being shot, players may hide behind obstacles, in hideouts or try to dash away. Provided shortcuts add additional thrill and different arenas with various special features keep the game exciting.



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David Cukrowicz



Game Programmierung

Visual Effects Supervision

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Birgit Schönauer


Game Programmierung