Project Tower of Doom

Tower of Doom

MultiMediaTechnology, 2017


Tower of Doom (ToD) is an 2D-RPG with a turn-based combat system. To beat the game the player hast to fight his way through the different layers of the Tower of Doom in order to slay the final Boss.


At the beginning of a new game, the player can put together a group of max. 5 Heroes. For each hero the player can choose one of the three available rolls: Soldier, Ranger or Mage.

There are a few things the player has to take into account, when he is creating a new hero group:

* Heroes who die during combat are permanent lost. (permadeath)

* Once a game has started, there is no possibility to recruit new or additional heroes.

* The hero group has to be balance, because in the different layers the player will face different types of opponents.


Each layer of the tower consists of 3-5 arena rooms. The player has to clear all arenas of a layer in order to progress to the next one.


Tower of Doom was implemented in C++ using SFML and TGUI. All maps were created with the Tiled Map Editor. Furthermore the entire game engine and game architecture was programmed by the team, using a component based game object approach.





David Lechner


Game Design

Game Programmierung

Andreas Lang


Game Design

Game Programmierung