MultiMediaTechnology, 2017


Interactions are limited to movements in all directions and colliding with the Green Elementals. The protagonist, the Spirit, is supposed to lead the Green Elementals to victory.

The win condition is to clear the world from all Red Elementals.


Spirit (Protagonist), Green Elementals (belong to the spirit), Red Elementals (negatively affect Green Elementals) & Splitters (negatively affect Green Elementals).

All Elementals may collide with each other. Depending to which group they belong, they behave in different ways:

Green colliding with Green result in merging them together Collisions between Red Elementals also result in a merge When two Elementals from the same type collide they will be compared by the their size to determine who will get soaked up by the other.

The so-called “splitters" (shaped like triangles) split Green Elementals in two smaller ones All Circular Elementals have its own gravity, depending on its size.


In Versus-Mode two players can play against each other for victory. They can be controlled by Arrow-Keys and W, A, S & D or any other peripheral input device, like a GamePad.


Key controls (W, A, S, D or Arrows Keys)

Joystick, Gamepad (Workshop 'Burn the Keyboard')

Development at NordicGameJam2017 in Copenhagen/Denmark.


YouTube Tutorial Teaser





Andreas Lang

Game Design

Game Programmierung

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Patrick Obermüller

Game Design

Game Programmierung