Project SpacePals


MultiMediaTechnology, 2017

The Game:

In "Space Pals" you and your pal are maneuvering a spaceship through various threats. As space merchantmen you are transporting your cargo to its destination, safe and sound. In order to achieve that, you have to work as a team.

The goal is to travel a certain distance within a given time.

Game Play:

You and your pal are each controlling a space merchantman independently. By stepping on trigger plates inside the ship you interact with the ship system. The ship has an energy generator providing all the other systems with energy. The available energy is distributed to the core systems, shield, thrusters, weapons. The more energy you assign to a certain system the better it will work. Using the ships scanning system provides you with information about upcoming events. You and your pal have to react differently to every event to accomplish your mission safely.

Game Events:

Space Pirates - are trying to steal your cargo, try to get the shield up and to shoot them down.

Asteroids - are moving rapidly through space, try avoiding them or blow them up.

Gravity Anomalies - are pulling your ship in a certain direction, bring your ship back on track.

Supernovas - are dealing tons of damage, overcharge the shield generator to get extra shield points.


We used SFML for simple rendering and TGUI for UI-elements. The game engine, its architecture and all game features were implemented by the team. We used a component-based game architecture for our engine.




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Florian Innerhuber


Game Design

Game Programmierung