Project LeftCtrl

Story: In a world where you forget everything, moving on is all that remains. You are a goldfish. You have been kept in a tiny fish bowl your whole life. As a result, you only know how to swim in one direction... But you decided to escape. Jumping out of your fish bowl, you noticed that even though your skills are limited, you can turn left to jump in any direction you want to! Now you're in control.

Gameplay: Reach each level's door. Your ultimate goal is the pond. You can jump onto surfaces (if you have the PowerUp). The surface's height is indicated by its color's brightness. You can only jump onto surfaces that are no more than one height level above you. Some surfaces cannot be jumped on, those are brightly colored. Tap the left control key to jump. Hold it to charge (if you have the PowerUp). Jump on switches to activate them (if you have the PowerUp). Unfortunately, because your memory is so limited, you will forget all of your skills after each level. And, most importantly...BEWARE OF THE CAT!

Technical information: The game was made using SFML and TGUI.

Possible additions: More/Secret levels, level editor for users. More interactive objects/enemies (mouse, dog, human, toilet, etc.).



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