Project Deep Blue

In Deep Blue you are stranded on an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. The plane you were travelling with got washed ashore with you but is wrecked. In order to survive you now have to find natural resources and craft them into more complex items.

Your goal is to escape from the island by fully repairing the wrecked plane.

Game Play

Deep Blue is all about survival.

While trying to collect all necessary plane parts, you have to keep your vitalities in mind. In order to not starve or dehydrate you have to collect different resources (e.g. wood, stones, food etc.) and craft new items from collected materials. Some resources can be collected by hand, others have to be mined with tools. All items and mineables that can be found on the island are generatively spawned, making each individual play through unique.


Throughout the island there are many resources to be found. There are consumable items like coconuts, apples or berries but also basic materials like wood, stones or leaves which can be used to craft more intricate items. Tools can be crafted from the inventory and are used to mine the environment for new resources. Palmtrees, normal trees, appletrees can by mined by axe, while rocks have to be mined by a pickaxe. You can also interact with ponds scattered around the island to either fill a bucket or an empty coconut with water or to simply go for a fishing trip using a crafted fishing rod.


Deep Blue was implemented using SFML for simple rendering and TGui for UI-elements. The entire game engine and game architecture was programmed by the team, using a component based game object approach.




Samuel Arzt


Game Design

Game Programmierung

Christoph Birgmann Profile Picture
Christoph Birgmann

Game Design

Game Programmierung