Based on Hermann Hesses book "Siddhartha" I created concpets for 3 characters that play a major role in the story. The book tells the story of Siddhartha. He is a buddhist who seeks enlightenment. During the course of his life he meets various different people who will dramatically change his further way. I picked 3 of those life changing encounters. Gotama - enlightened monk (is also called buddha, but he is not THE buddha) Vasudeva - ferryman, who also finds enlightenment, but on another way than Gotama Kamala - Siddharthas mistress, who teaches him lust/passion I first painted them in Photoshop to have a guidance for the 3D work that followed along. In that process I used several different programs (DAZ Studio, ZBrush, Marvellous Designer, Maya, Keyshot, Photoshop CS6) to create the final images.



Gabriel Hintenaus


Concept Art