Project Smog Sucker

Smog Sucker

MultiMediaArt & MultiMediaTechnology, 2016

Story: In Smog Sucker you take the role of a mutant. Your mutated black lungs can only take in smog and pollution. Fresh air is what is killing you. That is why you rampage through factories and try to destroy their air filtration systems.

Gameplay: In this 2D platformer you move you character through separate levels. You can neutralize the different factory workers and drones only by exploiting each ones weakness. The goal of the game is to achieve the maximum possible amount of points in each level by neutralizing all of the enemies, picking up all of the smog swirls and destroying all of the filtration systems as fast as possible and without losing health.

Technical information: The game was made using the Monogame Framework.

Possible additions: New levels and a level editor, graphical improvements, more enemy types, boss fights, AI.




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Thomas Mertlseder




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Martin Wolf

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