Project Light in the Darkness

Light in the Darkness

MultiMediaTechnology, 2016


Light in the Darkness is a 2D-Top-Down-scary-adventure. After a nuclear disaster there is neither electricity nor light in the city called Destiny. Equipped only with a flashlight and geiger counter it’s up to you to light up the city again!


The control mechanics are quite simple. While the „W“ Key controls the forward movement, the Keys „A“ and „D“ are used to rotate the character in the desired direction.

Game Play:

You move arround in an urban map environment and try to collect an certain amount of energy cells to brighten up the city again. As mentioned above the city doesn’t provide any source of light. Therfore you are equipped with a flashlight which provides a small circle of light. Of course the flashlights battery charge is limited. This battery charge represents your „health“ ressource and fades by time. By collecting an energy cell the battery charge increases by a small amount. So don’t waste any time! But listen up! Because of the nuclear disaster the city is contaminated. Radioactive anomalies will make your life even harder by draining your flashlights battery charge if you get too close. This radioactive anomalies can’t be seen by your eyes. Therefore the player carries a geiger counter which warns you about radioactive anomalies. The closer you get to an anomalie the more the geiger counter will react. If you can’t find all energy cells to brighten up the city again before your energy fades, you will be left alone in darkness. But if you are successful, you will be able to see the city in it’s brightest glory!


Through the restricted field of view, the invisible radioactive anomalies and the scary sound ambient an quite creepy athmosphere is given without a single enemy.




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Christoph Birgmann

Game Design

Game Programmierung