Project FruitsVS.Vegetables
Fruits VS. Vegetables is a 2D conquer the base game where you can choose the side of either fruits or vegetables.

Gameplay When there are enough growth points fighters can be sent to the enemy base by clicking on their icons. The fighters depend on whether you chose fruits or vegetables at the beginning. By clicking on pause, the player can upgrade the fighters and the base which makes the growth points regeneration faster and the players stronger. The enemy sends fighters in your direction as well, therefore the best way between defense and offensive has to be found. The game ends as soon as one base is destroyed.

Story About 2000 years ago, walnuts conquered the land in which fruits and vegetables used to live. For fruits, as well as vegetables, it was clear, that one of them will be chosen to lead them to freedom. One night the avocado was born. For the time being, it was not important whether the avocado was a fruit or vegetable, therefore nobody felt the need to ask. While growing and ripening, the avocado assembled more followers, until the walnuts got attentive. In fear of the avocado's growing influence, the avocado was brought to court and sentenced to death. Directly after the avocado's death, the followers lost hope. There was no trace of their leader's existence left. On the third day, the mortal remains of the avocado were gone, some even claimed to have seen the avocado. The fight began: Whom did the avocado die for? Are the sins of fruits or vegetables now forgiven? What was the avocado? Most did not care at all, but some like bananas or potatoes are fighting until today about who is right. In the game, Fruits VS. Vegetables you can choose your side. Destroy your enemy's base and the avocado surely died a little more for you.

Game Components Fighters - Fighters damage enemy fighters and the enemy base on collision and can be bought for growth points. Banana, strawberries, potato and carrot are simple fighters with different attributes in strength and velocity. Radish and pomegranate are special, because they explode on collision and deal damage to all enemies. Base - The base regenerates growth points by time. Upgrades generate growth points faster and increase health. Growth points - Needed for upgrades and spawning fighters. Health - The two bases lose health when attacked by enemy fighters. The game is over when health is zero.

Background Fruits VS. Vegetables is a student project at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg. Participating students are Simon Ignaz Steiner (programming) and Giulia Noordelos (art) Copyright by University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, MultiMediaTechnology and previously listed students. Third party assets: Mono Game Framework. Programming language C#