Project Eat 'Em Up

Eat ‘Em Up is kept short and simple. It awakens our primeval instincts and that way it is fun. The concept: one keyboard, two friends. Their goal: eating !

One of the players slips into the role of a gazelle and tries to collect 10 leaves as fast as possible. The other one is playing as a lion, whose aim it is to catch and eat the gazelle.


The stage is similar to any standard 2D platformer. If a character leaves the right side of the screen, it will automatically enter the screen on the left side and vice versa. This also applies for the lower and the upper edge of the screen.


The characters can be controlled with the arrow and WASD keys. They can jump and run left and right. By pressing the down/S key the characters drop down a platform. In addition there are the action keys (left/right Ctrl key) to perform special actions. The players can swap their roles via a button in the main menu.


To make the game more interesting, the gazelle can hide behind bushes by pressing the action key. Once the gazelle is hidden, it can teleport itself clockwise from bush to bush by pressing the right movement key and also counter clockwise with the left movement key. By pressing the action key again the gazelle appears in front of the bush it hid behind last.

As soon as the gazelle hides behind a bush, running shoes spawn at a random location. The lion can collect them and by pressing the action key the turbo mode is activated. In this mode the lion nearly runs twice as fast as the gazelle. However, such running shoes are quickly worn out and therefore the turbo mode doesn’t last long.


I made this game during my studies as my MultiMediaProject 1. It is implemented in C# using the MonoGame framework. I designed all graphics by myself and Ulli Rockinger has drawn the final versions. All sounds and fonts are used under the Creative Common Licence.



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