Project Warhammer 40K Fan Art

Warhammer 40K Fan Art

MultiMediaArt, 2015

Warhammer 40,000 is a science fantasy tabletop war game set in approximately the year 40,000 AD, created by the British hobby company Games Workshop and first published in 1987.|-| This project is a fan art of famous Warhammer 40k world. The project goal was to create a 3D character as similar as possible to one of space marines from Ultramarines chapter. Before this project I have also created a 3D model of ultramarine dreadnought and rigged the model, but I was more excited to design a space marine, so before I had the chance to finish the dreadnought I began to work on the space marine and fortunately managed to finish the model on time!


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Aref Malakootifar

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