Project Masterarbeit 2014/15

Masterarbeit 2014/15

MultiMediaArt, 2015

Since the speed and computational power of computers increased dramatically in recent years, the use of synthesis has become even more important. Therefore, the analysis algorithms for estimating the parameters of a sound signal – the frequency, amplitude and phase, were improved and extended. Without the definition of the Fourier-Series, all of that couldn’t have been realized. All that knowledge is based on the experiments of analogue synthesizers. The dreams for today‘s sound designers become real when all the analogue synthesis were compressed to binary codes – the language of the computer. By digitalization numerous forms of synthesis were invented. The most interesting method is the synthesis of the human voice. There are plenty methods for transforming voice into alien voices. But only a few form of synthesis are leading to an outstanding desired result regarding voice resynthesis. Therefore sound designers are responsible for the creation of unique sounds which can be declared as the one sound of this or that time. As we know some result can only be achieved depending on the development of technology. Due to the progress, which is a reformulation of the steady increase of technology, sound will always change, as long as they walk together and the marvelous outcome will be marked by time. Time, progress, technology and creativity are essential for the future of sound – or the other way around: the sound of the future.