Project "HÄX" - Concept Art

"HÄX" - Concept Art

MultiMediaArt, 2015

Concept art for the horror movie "HÄX" by Michael Winiecki. "While passing through an eery mountain road, a young woman lies drugged and passed out on the backseat of a car driven by two male rapists on their way to a cabin. Forced to stop by a barrier on the road, the two antagonists get brutally beaten down by an unknown creature and find themselves enchained in an abandoned house, while our female protagonist wakes up sick and completely disorien- tated, trying to help the tortured men she has been drinking with the evening before. Unaware of the men‘s terrible intend, the woman encounters the female creature (HÄX) she has been rescued by and is stuck in a conflict between two alleged evil forces, causing a night full of doubt, pain and violence." - Basic Treatment The task was to create concepts for the 3 main characters, as well as the creature called "HÄX". Additionally, I created 4 environment paintings to illustrate the mood of the film. Everything was painted in Adobe PS, using a Wacom tablet.


Anonyme Person


Anonyme Person

Concept Art