Project ClueShed


MultiMediaTechnology, 2015
"Interests and Contribs" for your Barcamp or Lightning-Talk track The session planning for community events can be a painful, chaotic and above all an offline experience for event organizers. ClueShed is an app for submitting and voting on contributions and interests for open community events such as the Barcamp “The Next Web” or the “.concat()” conference. Bringing the whole experience online has several advantages over having bits of paper everywhere. Not only is it a straightforward way for organizers to digitize and share the final schedule online, but with transparent and fast voting procedures it encourages more people to contribute, even before the actual event has started. Getting an overview of which topics the event will cover, or being able to motivate others to contribute on a topic one would like to hear may raise attendance. The integrated voting features help to the determine the general interest on submissions and a schedule that fits the events’ attendees.