Project While the magic ends

While the magic ends

MultiMediaArt, 2013
Der stop motion film "While the magic ends" entstand während meines Auslandssemesters in Schweden (Karlstad Universitet). Im Kurs "Theory and Practise of Animation" konnten wir als Gruppe oder alleine ein freies Thema aussuchen und eine Animationstechnik frei auswählen. Da wir nicht mit bewegten Mustern arbeiten, sondern eine Geschichte erzählen wollten, setzten wir uns auch mit Storytelling auseinander. Da wir uns als Hauptfiguren für 2 Holzmodell-Puppen entschieden, mussten wir uns wiederum mit den natürlichen Bewegungen des Menschen auseinandersetzen wie das Sitzen, Gehen usw. The story An artist enters the room and puts a new puppet next to another one on the table. She starts to draw them but is lacking in inspiration and is very sad about that. Thus, she throws away her drawings and leaves the room. After the artist has left the room, one puppet - the “old one”- starts to move. He looks at his body and moves his arms and legs and starts to walk towards the new female puppet. The boy tries to wake up the girl. He touches her but she doesn’t move. After that, he makes a flower out of some paperclips and gives it to her, but she still doesn’t move. He tries to give her a bigger flower in a pot, which is standing on the table, but the girl is still stock-still. Then the boy sees the headphones hanging out of the artist’s jacket. He climbs into the jacket’s pocket and switches on some romantic music. He tries to dance with her – the girl doesn’t move. He changes the romantic music into disco music and dances in a funny way, but the girl doesn’t move. Suddenly, just when he is turning her around, she falls down on the table. The boy thinks, that he has now completely ruined her. He knees down next to her and tries to pick her up but she is motionless. The boy gets up again, walks towards the edge of the table and sits down. Finally, he starts crying. The artist comes back into the room and notices that the puppets changed positions. She touches the boy, who is still sitting on the edge of the table. The artist sits down on the chair and gets some inspiration. Now she starts drawing a story that might have happenend while she was out of the room. Having finished her drawings, the artist puts the female puppet back in the packaging und leaves the room. In the end, the spectator gets to see all the drawings.


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