Project Guardian of Tien'Anu

Guardian of Tien'Anu

MultiMediaArt, 2012

Nobody wants to die lonely.

The Guardians are venerable creatures who wander through the deserts of Tien'Anu. They accompany the ones who get lost on their way and are near death. Like death spirits they escort them over the border to the other side.

The Idea of my Qualification Project 1 was, to visualize one of my original characters from a book I've written in 3D. I especially concentrated on detailed modeling, shading and texturing of the animal. The primitive mesh was modeled in Maya, then converted to Zbrush for displacement and normal mapping aswell as polypaint for the textures. The scene was illuminated through physical sun and sky.

Work time: ~120 hours

List of Programs used: Maya 2011, Zbrush 4, Roadkill, Adobe After Effects

A big thanks to Manuel de Lorenzo who lent me his voice for this project



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Verena Marlene Demel

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