Project Alumino


MultiMediaTechnology, 2012

Alumino requires fast decision making and high concentration as well as tactical thinking to reach the highscore. The game has a bright illuminating style and features an innovative gameplay.

You can interact with five different types of actors by touching onto them. This leads to an explosion and has a variety of effects. The blue bubbles are your friends and must not be touched to avoid a loss of life. The red bubbles are your enemies and should be destroyed as fast as possible to prevent them from growing too large. The pink pentagons grant you an extra life. As the game becomes faster and faster, two special actors help you to survive. The yellow squares act as bombs and clear all the enemies on the screen at once with the penalty of receiving no score for them. The green triangles enable a bullet time effect, which lasts for a few seconds. This time should be used wisely to clear the critical areas on the screen. During the bullet time only half of the score can be received.

Alumino is available in the AppStore for free. Get your thumbs ready, the lights are waiting for you!


xCode 4.3, iOS SDK 5, Objective-C, OpenGL ES 2.0, GLSL ES 1.0


iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 5.0 or later



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Andreas Ortner